About Elwood & the Rabbit

Located in the beautifully restored, historic de Waal building established in 1910 in the heart of Bridgeland. The name Elwood & the Rabbit pays homage to Bridgelands famous feral rabbits, & it is our belief that bunny zero was named Harvey!  Or perhaps, Harvey, was his six-foot, three-and-a-half-inch tall invisible best friend?

We’ve entered as strangers – soon we have friends.

Elwood P. Dowd


About The Chef

This philosophy and passion for cuisine first developed at a young age while cooking alongside his grandmother as he grew up in Calgary, Alberta. These early experiences led him to attend Le Cordon Blue in San Francisco where he continued to develop his own style of cuisine. Dylan’s experience with Guy Savoy in Paris and Melisse and Ortolon in LA lead him back to Calgary where he secured a position with the renowned Guiseppe Di Genarro at Capo.

Following Capo, Dylan continued to expand his resume joining Chef Emmanuel David at Bistro La Persaud where he was pivotal in the Edmonton restaurant securing best in the city from CBC, then at Waterloo and City which in turn was ranked by the Zagat Guide as one of the top restaurants in California.

In 2013, Calgary once again called Dylan home with him taking the Executive chef role at Avec Bistro which would be listed in Calgary’s top 10 by Avenue magazine as well as at #44 on the highly regarded Canada’s top 100.

Dylan feels an undying responsibility to inspire and educate his guests utilizing the local bounty that exists in Alberta. He is also a firm believer in “head to tail” butchery which focuses on using all parts of whole animals as an ethical means to creating his menu. It is from these experiences and philosophies that Dylan has worked to create the menu at Elwood & the Rabbit offering a playful Alberta take on globally inspired comfort food.

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